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5 Minute Career Activities 9-to-5 Cure All Work, No Pay: Finding an Internship, Building Your Resume, Making Connections, and Gaining Job Experience
9-to-5 Cure
Our Price: $14.95
Use the 5 Minute Career Activities as quick, easy, and effective activities to fill extra minutes of class time. Each activity is calculated... Explores creative new ways to navigate the job market and earn a living. Offers a step-by-step strategy for career and financial freedom. You don't have to look far to find someone… Land Killer Internships—and Make the Most of Them! These days, a college resume without internship experience is considered “naked.” Indeed, statistics show that...
Best Job Ever!: Rethink Your Career, Redefine Rich, Revolutionize Your Life Career Courage Career Development All-in-One For Dummies
Career Courage
Our Price: $16.95
Best Job Ever! is the ultimate guide to creating your dream career and increasing your financial success by providing you with valuab... Get out of the rut—and into a new career. What do you want to be when you grow up? That question nags at us long after childhood. Why... Learn new skills and increase your visibility as a leader in your company with the help of this practical, hands-on guide to professi...
Career Guide for Creative and Unconventional People Career Match Career Playbook
Career Match
Our Price: $17.95
Career Playbook
Our Price: $14.00
This new edition of the popular guide for individuals seeking work that suits their unique skills has been completely revised and updated to reflect the freedom offered by the new… Is your job just a way to pay the bills? It doesn’t have to be that way.
You’ll find that when your career fits your personality, it becomes a
source of tremendous satisfaction and success...
The career marketplace for young people has never been more competitive, chaotic, and difficult to maneuver. On top of that, graduates are looking not only for good…
Careers Careers in Focus - Activism Careers in Focus - Animation
Our Price: $19.99
It’s never too early for your teen or tween to start thinking about a career, and Careers is the perfect way to do it... Careers in Focus: Activism profiles 20 careers for motivated people who want to make a difference in a rewarding position. Job profiles include: -Animal activists -Community organizers -Elder law attorneys -Federal and state officials -Grant administrator… Careers in Focus: Animation covers 18 careers for creative students interested in this booming field. Job profiles include: Animators, Business managers, Computer and video game designers, Directors,…
Careers in Focus - Archeology Careers in Focus - Aviation Careers in Focus - Biology
Careers in Focus: Archaeology profiles 19 careers for anyone interested in this exciting field. Job profiles include: Anthropologists, Anthropology/archaeology college professors, Conservators and con… Includes airport security personnel, air traffic controllers, customs officials, helicopter pilots, industrial traffic managers, and reservation and ticket agents.… Careers in Focus: Biology, Third Edition explores 20 careers in this important and rapidly growing scientific field. Job profiles include: -Astrobiologists -Biochemists -Biotechnology patent lawyers -Cytotechnologists -Ethnoscientists -Genetic scientists …
Careers in Focus - Business Careers in Focus - Clerks & Administrative Workers Careers in Focus - Comic Books and Graphic Novels
Careers in Focus: Business, Third Edition profiles 21 careers in this lucrative field. New and updated job profiles include: Accountants and auditors, Chief information officers, Cultural advisers, Ev… Careers in Focus: Clerks and Administrative Workers, Second Edition explores 20 careers in this in-demand field. New and updated job profiles include: Billing clerks, Collection workers, Hotel desk cl… Careers in Focus: Comic Books and Graphic Novels explores 20 careers in this popular and exciting career field. Job profiles include: Advertising workers, Bindery workers, Comic book artists, Comic books writers, Editorial and research assistants, Graphic…
Careers in Focus: Complementary & Alternative Health Care Careers In Focus - Construction Careers in Focus - Design
Careers in Focus - Design
Our Price: $35.00
Complementary and Alternative Health Care, Third Edition offers 22 careers in this profitable field.… Careers in Focus: Construction, Fifth Edition profiles 23 careers for students interested in this growing field. New and updated job profiles include: Architects, Bricklayers, Cement masons, Construct… Careers in Focus: Design, Third Edition profiles 20 careers for students interested in this glamorous field. New and updated job profiles include: Architects, Computer and video game designers, Costum…
Careers in Focus - Energy Careers in Focus - Environment Careers in Focus - Forensics
Careers in Focus - Energy
Our Price: $35.00
Careers in Focus: Energy profiles 20 careers in science laboratories, deep-sea exploration rigs, nuclear power plants, petroleum refineries, and more. Careers profiled include: bioenergy/biofuels workers; coal miners; energy conservation technicians; geop… Careers in Focus: Environment, Fourth Edition explores 20 careers for anyone interested in this "green" field. New and updated job profiles include: Air quality engineers, Energy conservation technici… Careers in Focus: Forensics examines 20 careers for anyone interested in crime solving. Job profiles include: Computer forensics specialists, Crime scene investigators, Criminalists, Fingerprint analy…
Careers in Focus - Geology Careers in Focus - Geriatric Care Careers in Focus - Journalism
Careers in Focus: Geology looks at 20 careers in this fascinating science field. Job profiles include: Engineering geologists, Geochemists, Geological oceanographers, Geophysicists, Groundwater professionals, Laboratory testing technicians, Paleotologists… Careers in Focus: Geriatric Care, Third Edition profiles 20 careers for anyone interested in working with the elderly. New and updated job profiles include: Adult day care coordinators, Creative arts … Careers in Focus: Journalism, Second Edition profiles 21 careers for anyone interested a job in this fast-paced career field. Job profiles include: -Art directors -Columnists and commentators -Editorial and research assistants -Food writers and editors -J…
Careers in Focus - Meteorology Careers In Focus - Music Careers in Focus - Nursing
Careers In Focus - Music
Our Price: $35.00
Careers in Focus: Meteorology profiles 18 careers for anyone interested in this fascinating field. Job profiles include: -Broadcast meteorologists -Climatologists -Consulting meteorologists -Environmental meteorologists -Meteorological equipment technicia… Careers in Focus: Music, Second Edition profiles 21 jobs in this popular career field. Job profiles include: Audio recording engineers, Broadcast engineers, Composers and arrangers, Computer and video… Careers in Focus: Nursing profiles 25 careers in this field. Job profiles include: -Clinical nurse specialists -Critical care nurses -Forensic nurses -Health advocates -Legal nurse consultants -Neonatal nurses -Nurse assistants -Oncological nurses -Psychi…
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