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Best KeyWords for Resumes, Letters, and Interviews Best Resumes and Letters for Ex-Offenders The Blue Collar Resume and Job Hunting Guide
This bestseller reveals how candidates can best speak the language of employers for getting quickly hired. Organized by major industries and professions, this easy-to-use book provides quick access… Here's the first resume and letter guide designed to assist ex-offenders in finding rewarding employment. Written by two of America's leading career experts, the book addresses… In today's competitive and high-tech job market, everyone needs a resume, including blue collar workers who used to primarily complete applications and just 'show up" at job sites. This book showcases…
Elements of Resume Style: Essential Rules for Writing Resumes and Cover Letters That Work Expert Resumes for Military-to-Civilian Transitions Gallery of Best Cover Letters
It's amazing the misinformation found in most résumé books! Scott Bennett has hired hundreds of people in a variety of industries, and he knows firsthand what kind of résumé … Expert Resumes for Military-to-Civilian Transitions shows veterans exactly how to market their skills and experience and translate them into language their resume readers will understand. This book fe… Writing a cover letter is more than a necessary step in the job search process. It’s a chance to make a stellar first impression on hiring managers and stand out from the dozens of other candidates...
How To Write Better Resumes and Cover Letters Job Search Letters For Dummies Knock 'em Dead Cover Letters
Written by an expert career advisor, this book shows job seekers how to summarize and advertise their skills clearly and effectively for résumé presentation. But just as important, it also advises on how to get the most out of word processing software by The only guide to the new-style job search letters that get you in the door. A cover letter should complement, not duplicate, a resume. Its purpose is to interpret the data-oriented, factual resume and add a personal touch. A cover letter is often the ear... In the newest edition of his classic cover letter guide, job search
expert Martin Yate shows you how to dramatically increase your chance of
landing an interview. The key, as Yate explains, is to use language
drawn from the job posting itself...
Knock 'em Dead Resumes Lose the Resume, Land the Job Military-to-Civilian Resumes and Letters
Expert advice on building a resume to get the job you want! Your resume
is the most important financial document you'll ever create...
At every level today, you need to "lose the resume" in order to land the right job. Rather, you must learn to tell a story about yourself that speaks to your competencies... Transitioning to the civilian work world is filled with challenges. It's especially difficult for those who lack a powerful one- or two-page resume crystalizing what they want to do next with their li…
Overnight Resume The Perfect Resume Resume 101
Overnight Resume
Our Price: $14.99
Perfect Resume
Our Price: $12.95
Resume 101
Our Price: $13.99
The third edition of The Overnight Resume has been completely revised and updated. *Tip #1: Never use the term “entry level” in any resume. Information you’ll find nowhere else includes: • How to beat other jobseekers at 1,000-to-1 odds. • How to launch a… The Perfect Resume second edition focuses on that most important tool in the job hunter's quiver -- the resume... Communications professor Quentin Schultze shares the secrets to crafting strong, impressive resumes and cover letters for students and recent grads with minimal job experience. Dr. Schultze, who has taught a resume-writing course for the past 15 years, ha…
Resume, Application, and Letter Tips for People With Hot and Not-So-Hot Backgrounds Resumes For Dummies Same-Day Resume
Resumes For Dummies
Our Price: $18.99
Same-Day Resume
Our Price: $11.95
Each year over 25 million Americans conduct a job search that involves writing resumes and letters and/or completing applications. However, many of these job seekers make numerous writing mistakes tha… With unemployment rates still running high, getting an edge up on the competition in your field… Writing a resume doesn't have to be a cumbersome, tiring affair. With the help of Same-Day Resume, job seekers can write an effective resume in just an hour.…
Unbeatable Resumes What Color Is Your Parachute? Guide to Rethinking Resumes Winning Letters That Overcome Barriers to Employment
Unbeatable Resumes
Our Price: $16.95
Tony Beshara dissects and discusses real-life résumés for jobs in a wide range of industries. The book shows readers how to build a powerful résumé, utilize keywords effectively, use gaps and job changes to their advantage, and pair their résumés with con… Resumes get an average of 8 seconds of attention before going in the trash--or the shortlist… This book shows how to write effective letters that observe proper rules and etiquette as well as use persuasive language. It shows how to build a letter using a fail-safe 12-step approach that covers…