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Character Education Activities Instructor's Manual Effective Workplace Communication
Introduce a lesson or utilize extra minutes of class time with 50 quick and effective activities that incorporate essential 21st Century Job Skills in five minutes or less.. This Instructor's Manual to accompany Character Education Activities will save hours of preparation time. Character Education Activities Instructor's Manual makes it easy to add this activity book to classes and programs. One of the most complete and… According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, communication skills are the most important skills employers seek in their employees. The third edition of Effective Workplace Communication engages readers’ interest and develops their…
Getting the Job You Really Want Job Savvy How to be a Success at Work Job Savvy Instructor's Resources CD-ROM
This complete curriculum provides the core material that thousands of schools, colleges, and workforce development programs have used successfully for many years—plus new and enhanced content! Using this workbook, readers learn proven techniques on a… Based on research into what employers need and value in employees, Job Savvy helps readers develop critical job survival skills, increase productivity, and improve job satisfaction and success.… The new Job Savvy Instructor’s Resources CD-ROM contains all of the content of the previous Instructor’s Guide plus new activities and worksheets, a bank of test questions, and a PowerPoint presentation for each chapter.…
Job Search Basics Job Search Basics Series Instructor's Resource Manual - CD ROM Job Smarts
Job Search Basics
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Job Smarts
Our Price: $21.95
Written by America's most knowledgeable author on job search and career planning, this updated workbook has been designed to clearly and succinctly present the most important information on the key job search topics: identifying skills, completing a … Save hundreds of hours of class preparation time. One manual for all four workbooks. For each workbook chapter, there are chapter objectives, presentation suggestions, group and individual activities, homework options, discussion/quiz questions, quic… Job Smarts: 13 Steps to Job Success teaches students how to find, get, and keep a job, but with this unique focus: It is written for adults and students with low reading levels and other special needs.…
Job Smarts - Instructor's Manual
This tool helps you create a complete curriculum around the activities in the workbook. This CD-ROM includes case studies, homework assignments, additional activities, and more.… Passport to Career Success educates job seekers on eight important topics to help them learn and master the important skills required to become successfully employed. … Passport to Career Success educates job seekers on eight important topics to help them learn and master the important skills required to become successfully employed. …
Young Person's Guide to Getting & Keeping a Good Job
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Reflects the National Career Development Guidelines for school-aged youth. Includes many hands-on activities and an extensive career interest checklist. With this workbook, students explore the 14 career interests groups, their values, and preference… A complete, ready-to-implement program! Pathfinder materials fulfill National Career Development Guidelines. Step-by-step format reduces preparation time! This curriculum is designed with flexibility … Young Person’s Guide to Getting & Keeping a Good Job is the best-selling job search book ever for high school students for one reason: It clearly, concisely, and thoroughly covers all the essential jo…
Young Person's Guide to Getting & Keeping a Good Job Instructor’s Resources on CD-ROM
This CD-ROM features tools to make presenting each chapter easier than ever, including an excerpt from The Very Quick Job Search that explains how young job seekers can answer tough interview question…