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The Military to Civilian Transition Pocket Guide
Each year over 250,000 military personnel and families leave their respective service for new careers in the civilian world. Faced with the challenging tasks of writing a resume, contacting potential employers, interviewing, negotiating salary, or starting a business, many veterans and their families need a "trusted friend" to coach them through the challenging transition process. It also covers such important subjects as starting a business, surviving on the job, planning for retirement, documenting experience, finding a federal job, and identifying references. Jam-packed with engaging checklists, tips, examples, and exercises, this handy guide may well change your life! 64 pages.

The Military Spouse's Employment Pocket Guide
Today nearly 60 percent of all military spouses are employed. Many more would like to find an interesting job or portable career - either part-time or full-time - that contributes to both the family income and their own personal growth. They also prefer work that gives them flexibility to manage their family affairs and function well within a military community that prizes happy, supportive, and financially stable families. Above all, many military spouses wish to obtain meaningful employment. First and foremost, this involves finding jobs that fit their particular mix of interests, skills, abilities, and motivations - known as MAS or Motivated Abilities and Skills. But becoming employed is not easy given limited opportunities available to military spouses and the often restrictive nature of military life - frequent relocations, family/community obligations, remote locations, state laws affecting out-of-state residents, and the periodic deployments of family members. Indeed, finding or creating a dream job is often something only a few fortunate military spouses are able to achieve. Jam-packed with essential job search and employability information, this handy pocket guide assists military spouses in quickly finding and keeping a job. Complete with quizzes, examples, and exercises. 64 pages.

The Military Spouse's Map Through the Maze Pocket Guide
Military spouses, America's unsung heroes, take on many important responsibilities related to themselves, their families, and their service community. From relocating, volunteering, and handling family finances to raising children, using base services, and managing deployment, spouses often face a daunting task of knowing what to do and where to go for assistance. Indeed, they often find themselves in a maze, uncertain how to best deal with the many challenges facing a mobile spouse married to the military. Jam-packed with checklists, tips, examples, and exercises, this handy pocket guide includes a wealth of useful information and tips on navigating the military maze. 64 pages.

The Military Personal Finance Pocket Guide
It's no big secret - we all face numerous day-to-day financial challenges, from handling a paycheck, using credit cards, and financing a car to renting an apartment, buying a home, paying for college, meeting medical expenses, repaying loans, dealing with deployment, helping family members, and saving for a rainy day. Learn how to quickly get ahead of the financial game with sound advice on setting goals and making smart financial decisions that will last for a lifetime! Includes special sections on dealing with financial predators, including your legal rights, and how to start a home-based business for supplementing family income and transitioning to the civilian world. 64 pages.