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Career Success Value Packs

We know that stretching your budget dollars is more important than ever. That's why we've created the Career Success Value Pack. Each Career Success Value Pack is a unique collection of our best-selling books, DVDs, and posters covering today's hottest career and education topics. Best of all, each set is specially priced to save you time and money. Click on any one of the links below to learn about each Career Success Value Pack.

Employability Value Pack
Employability Value Pack - Help job seekers acquire the knowledge and confidence to get back to work with the Employability Value Pack. Order today!Set Includes: 8 Best-Selling Career Books, 6 DVD set Transition-to-Work, and 6 Colorful Resume Help Posters

Green Collar Jobs Value Pack
Green Collar Jobs Value Pack - Learn more about today's fast growing career opportunities in the new green economy with the Green Collar Jobs Value Pack. Order today!Set Includes: 6 Best-Selling Green Career Books, 12 Green Career DVDs, and 1 Green Career Choices Poster

Teen Success Value Pack
Teen Success Value Pack - Educate and empower teens to make the right educational and career choices with the Teen Success Value Pack. Order today!Set Includes: 11 Best-Selling Teen Guidance Books, 5 DVD Video Guide for Teens, and 10 Guidance Posters

Career Options Value Pack
Career Options Value Pack - Help job seekers and students gain access to the best-selling and most comprehensive career research available today. Order today!Set Includes: 8 Best-Selling Career Options Books, 16 DVD Complete Career Clusters Set, and 23 Career Education Posters

Personal Empowerment Value Pack
Personal Empowerment Value Pack - Discover career and life success. The Personal Empowerment Value Pack will help you reach your goals and achieve success on your terms. Set Includes: 10 Best-Selling Career Books, 2 Personal Empowerment DVDs, and 10 Motivational Poster Set

Workplace Skills Value Pack
Workplace Skills Value Pack - Get practical advice on which skills are in demand by employers. Teamwork, business etiquette, on-the-job ethics, problem solving and maintaining a positive attitude are covered in the all new Workplace Skills Value Pack. Order today!Set Includes: 9 Best-Selling Career Skills Books, 3 Workplace Skills DVDs, and 5 Workplace Etiquette Posters