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Career Library Kits

Save time and money by purchasing any one of the following Career Library Kits. Each kit contains eight of our best-selling career and educational books at a special low price. Click on any one of the following links to learn more about each Career Library Kit.

Back To Work Career Library Kit
Here are the perfect re-employment resources to help anyone looking to get back to work fast! This empowering collection of our most popular job search publications is essential for anyone looking to re-enter the job market.

Career Directions Career Library Kit
The Career Directions Library Kit provides vital information to help job seekers make sense of career and life changes. Explore career options, assess occupations, plan career changes and more! Concise, up-to-date resources that are a must for any career library.

Careers Without College Career Library Kit
Discover the job and career opportunities with the best pay, fastest growth and most openings that do not require a four-year degree. The Careers Without College Library Kit is an excellent resource for students that want good jobs and career advancemement without a four year degree.

College Decision Career Library Kit
Help your college-bound students with this complete collection of today's best college-prep resources. Students will find everything they need to successfully transition from high school to college including resources for: admission essays, selecting a college or university, planning for a major, scholarships & financial aid. A valuable addition to any high school career guidance library.

Etiquette, Image & Dress Career Library Kit
How you conduct yourself during interviews, work settings, meetings, or with customers can be a decisive element in your career. The Etiquette, Image & Dress Library Kit provides students and job seekers with important information on how to successfully function in a variety of social and work situations. Topics include: dressing for success, achieving a positive mental outlook, social etiquette, business dining guidelines, office manners, and much more!

Ex-Offenders / Re-Entry Career Library Kit
This empowering collection of books will help ex-offenders successfully re-enter the community and workforce. The series includes sound advice on overcoming barriers to employment, job search tips, succeeding on the job, and step-by-step instructions for a successful transition into the work world.

Military To Civilian Career Library Kit
Every year thousands of military personnel transition back to civilian life. Help service members, veterans and their families make a successful change to a new civilian career by purchasing this comprehensive collection of military and government career guides.

Occupational Exploration Career Library Kit
Here is a unique collection of today's best occupational exploration reference publications. Important information to help students and job seekers to identify thousands of job descriptions, educational requirements, job growth projections, skills requirements, employment trends and much more!

The New Economy Career Library Kit
The new economy is changing the way we think about careers and the job search. Find all the resources you need to successfully navigate your way through today's fast-changing new economy.

Social Media Career Library Kit
The Social Media Library Kit provides vital information to help job seekers make sense of social media and how it aides in the job search.

Successful Interviewing & Networking Career Library Kit
An indespensible collection of today's best interviewing and networking reference publications. It's all here - job interview guides, sample interview questions, networking strategies, and much more! Essential resources for today's top career libraries.