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The Complete
A New Direction Program

Six Core Modules. One Exceptional Program.

The Complete A New Direction Program contains everything you need to implement A New Direction, including the six core modules, guidebooks for administrators and staff, outcome studies, forms, and research studies. The Complete A New Direction Program is proven to reduce recidivism and help offenders succeed in their communities.


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Break the Link Between Criminal and Addictive Thinking

The Complete A New Direction Program is effective for a wide variety of criminal justice programs and is easily customizable to meet individual, facility, and budgetary needs. The modular format allows for standardization among multifacility systems, and this evidence-based program meets most federal funding requirements, including residential substance use disorder.

  • Delivers targeted treatment that helps clients recognize and overcome criminal and addictive thinking patterns

  • Meets individuals where they are in the continuum of treatment and recovery

  • Addresses the critical aspects of life that influence decisions

  • Equips offenders with new coping skills, eliminating destructive behaviors

Individual Core Modules

Each module can be used separately, sequentially, or in any order. Complete modules include a facilitator guide, 100 client workbooks, and DVD components.

Intake and Orientation Module

Encourage clients to think about why they chose to participate in a treatment program and what they need to do to turn their lives around.

Facilitator Guide$39.95CCI Code: 76148
Client Workbooks (100)$595.00CCI Code: 76149
Introduction to Treatment DVD$149.00CCI Code: 76154
Complete Module$783.95CCI Code: 76147

Release and Reintegration Module

Give clients the facts about what to expect after release and how to stay in recovery and crime free.

Facilitator Guide$39.95CCI Code: 76166
Client Workbooks (100)$595.00CCI Code: 76167
The Turning Point DVD$225.00CCI Code: 76131
Life on Life’s Terms DVD$149.00CCI Code: 76168
Complete Module$783.95CCI Code: 76165

Relapse Prevention Module

Address common triggers and create a crisis management plan to avoid relapse.

Facilitator Guide$39.95CCI Code: 76156
Client Workbooks (100)$595.00CCI Code: 76157
Preventing Relapse DVD$149.00CCI Code: 76158
Complete Module$783.95CCI Code: 76155

Socialization Module

Explore the difficulties of building healthy relationships based on trust and respect.

Facilitator Guide$39.95CCI Code: 76170
Client Workbooks (100)$595.00CCI Code: 76171
Getting Along DVD$149.00CCI Code: 76172
Complete Module$783.85CCI Code: 76169


Criminal & Addictive Thinking Module

Explore the distorted thinking patterns at the root of substance use disorder and criminal behavior.

Facilitator Guide$39.95CCI Code: 76160
Client Workbooks (100)$595.00CCI Code: 76161
Thinking about Your Thinking, Part 1 DVD$149.00CCI Code: 76162
Thinking about Your Thinking, Part 2 DVD$149.00CCI Code: 76163
Criminal & Addictive Behavior: Tactics DVD$149.00CCI Code: 76164
Complete Module$1,081.95CCI Code: 76159

Drug and Alcohol Education Module

Draw the connection between substance use disorder and criminal activity.

Facilitator Guide$39.95CCI Code: 76174
Client Workbooks (100)$595.00CCI Code: 76175

Medical Aspects of Substance Use Disorders DVD

$275.00CCI Code: 76176
The Disease Concept of Addiction: Symptoms & Phases DVD$99.00CCI Code: 76177
Complete Module$1,008.95CCI Code: 76173

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