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Best Jobs for Ex-Offenders

Best Jobs for Ex-Offenders

Impact Publications
  • Date:: 2016
  • Author:: Ronald L. Krannich, Ph.D.
  • ISBN:: 9781570233609
Product Code: 29563


Despite negative rap sheets, most ex-offenders should be able to go on to rewarding jobs and productive careers. But many don’t – their rap sheet becomes their resume! Once released to the free world, too many stumble from one low-paying and insecure "hard labor" job to another, unable to find satisfying work as well as keep a job for long. Failing to adequately support themselves, many soon return to jails and prisons. Indeed, much of today’s high recidivism rate (60-70%) directly relates to the issue of ex-offender employability. What ex-offenders most need is a good job to jump-start their new life in the free world. But they first could use some basic information on the who, what, where, and how of job opportunities appropriate for their red flag backgrounds. Here’s the first book, newly revised, to examine jobs suitable for ex-offenders. Profiling 101 opportunities that are relatively open to people with not-so-hot backgrounds, this revealing book gives renewed hope and direction to ex-offenders who are uncertain what they want to do, can do, and will do in the future.