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Combating Conflict with Character - Overcoming Prejudice Video
Combating Conflict with Character - Overcoming Prejudice Video

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Additional Info: Closed Captioned
Date: 2011
ISBN: 9781617332920

Product Code: 23349DVD

Prejudice isn’t something we’re born with—and if we learn it, we can unlearn it. The first step in that process is to study it objectively, as this video does through candid interviews, dramatizations, and expert commentary. Offering a practical definition of prejudice, the video explores its basis in ignorance and fear of outsiders, the qualities it most frequently targets (race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender, physique, social class, and political beliefs) as well as its principal results—namely, discrimination, racism, and oppression. The program focuses in a teen-friendly way on prejudice in American society, with discussions of the “melting pot” concept; how such diversity, while unquestionably desirable, carries with it the potential for racial, ethnic, and cultural conflict; and how individuals, communities, and our nation can benefit from more dialogue between cultures, religions, races, and other demographic groups. Part of the series Combating Conflict with Character. (30 minutes)