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Crowdfunding and Grants - 2 DVDs (CC)

Crowdfunding and Grants - 2 DVDs (CC)

Films Media Group
  • Additional Info:: Closed Captioned
  • Date:: 2014
  • ISBN:: 9780816091027
Product Code: 23332DVD


Lots of people have great ideas and enthusiasm for projects that will make the world a better place, help their community, or advance their own goals, but few know how to take their great idea and turn it into a reality. This two-part series explores two popular fundraising methods—grant writing and crowdfunding—and breaks down the two most essential parts of the process: crafting a persuasive argument for why your project is worth funding, and putting together a solid budget for how much the project will cost. Using examples of a garage band looking to record their first album (crowdfunding) and a nurse looking to start a local elder care awareness initiative (grants) this program is a timely, essential series for budding entrepreneurs, artists, and advocates. 2-part series, 18-20 minutes each.