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    From Prison to Home DVD
    Films Media Group
    Ex-convicts face formidable odds, and for African-Americans, conditions are usually even more difficult. This documentary traces the experiences of four black ex-inmates…
    Going Home: Teens Reentering Society - 2 DVD Set
    Films Media Group
    Going Home: Teens Reentering Society - 2 DVD Set

    All former inmates have a hard time adjusting to life outside prison, but tee…
    Life after Prison: Success on the Outside (CC)
    Films Media Group
    This information-packed program illustrates the specific steps needed to transition from incarceration to a rewarding life, and examines the many pitfalls that must be avoided along the way..
    Managing Anger and Rage: The Niagara Falls Metaphor Video Workbook Program
    Impact Publications
    One of the most innovative ideas to come out of the chemical dependency treatment field in the past 30 years, this cost-effective program focuses on the critical link…
    Overcoming Barriers to Employment Success DVD
    Kendall Hunt Publishing
    Whether individuals are looking for a job or working to keep the one they have, they are bound to face obstacles. Some will not have a resume or reliable transportation. Others may lack the education or experience needed to advance on the job. These are just a few of the employment barriers that people face in the world of work every day, but they can be overcome.
    Parole: Getting Out and Staying Out (CC)
    Films Media Group
    Prison life is hard—but for most ex-convicts, life on the outside is tough, too. This video follows paroled prisoners...
    Road to Reentry Video Series: Succeeding on the Job
    Kendall Hunt Publishing

    When transitioning out of incarceration, individuals often face challenges keeping the jobs they’ve achieved after their release...