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Job Interview Tips for Overcoming Red Flags

Job Interview Tips for Overcoming Red Flags

Impact Publications
  • Date:: 2020
  • Author:: Ronald Krannich, PhD
  • ISBN:: 978-1-57023-401-9
Product Code: 28564


Meet job seekers who have made poor choices; received Cs, Ds, and Fs in school; experienced bad luck; often got into trouble, including jail time; reveal sketchy backgrounds; frequently change jobs; impress few people; and need professional help to find and keep a job. Their red flags seem to follow them wherever they go as they move from one unstable and low paying job to another.

That’s the subject of this unique interview breakout book – how to best handle red flags during the job interview and convince employers to hire you. It’s all about facing the truth about you, scrubbing a sketchy background, preparing for sensitive interviews, and knowing what to say and do when confronted with red flags in a face-to-face interview.

Jam-packed with seasoned insights and solid job interview advice for people with not-so-hot backgrounds.