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Managing Anger and Rage: The Niagara Falls Metaphor (DVD)

Managing Anger and Rage: The Niagara Falls Metaphor (DVD)

Impact Publications
  • Date:: 2015
  • Author:: William Fleeman
  • ISBN:: 9781570233586
Product Code: 27572DVD


One of the most innovative ideas to come out of the chemical dependency treatment field in the past 30 years, this cost-effective program focuses on the critical link between anger, substance abuse, and relapse. Treating anger as another bad drug that triggers relapse, William Fleeman, a noted author, trainer, and director/founder of Pathways to Peace Program, explains in a dynamic seminar how anger and the relapse process are similar to a disastrous trip down the Niagara River and over the Falls. Using a cognitive-behavioral restructuring approach, Fleeman examines the Five Stages of the anger/relapse process and Three Steps to interrupt the anger/relapse process: Five Stages of the Process; The Trigger; Euphoric Recall (First Red Flag); Craving (Final Red Flag); Compulsion; Consequences; Three Steps to Interrupt the Process; Check your body tension; List your triggers, choices, consequences; Throw an anchor. Fleeman demonstrates how understanding Cues, Triggers, and Choices can overcome the destructiveness of the anger/relapse process. A must-have resource for all anger, addiction, recovery, and relapse programs.