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Map Through the Maze

Map Through the Maze: A Guide to Surviving the Criminal Justice System

Impact Publications
  • Date:: 2015
  • Author:: Ned Rollo and Louis W. Adams
  • ISBN:: 9781570233531
Product Code: 25863


Wow, this much anticipated new edition is the perfect book and lifeline for all locked-up offenders who need practical guidance on what lies ahead and wise advice on how to best cope with their situation. Written by a former prisoner and seasoned correctional educator, this book is designed to assist an often soon-to-be-forgotten population – prisoners during their first few critical weeks of incarceration who are low on motivation and high on fear and anxiety. The new and updated version of this powerful classic shows how inmates can best survive and thrive in what is often a difficult, depressing, and dysfunctional prison environment. Maybe you’re new to this expensive punishment system, or perhaps you’re a repeater who’s familiar with the routines. Indeed, you’ve just been processed into prison where you must learn to sink or swim. From Day One you begin learning all its controlling rules and regulations as well as encountering the good, the bad, and the ugly. Now what? How will you manage this situation? What attitudes and actions do you need to survive and prosper? You have months, maybe years, ahead in what often becomes a mind-bending environment. Warning: Your mental health may need help! Designed as a psycho-social map for handling the corrections experience, this book documents predictable social and emotional stages of incarceration. It encourages the positive use of one’s time, from overcoming alienation and rage to developing personal growth. Includes compassionate advice for families and loved ones. Ideal resource for inmate orientation as well as for promoting life skills and social development. A 'must have' resource for all inmates. This book serves as the key participant (inmate) resource for the new 'Now What' DVD orientation training program designed to help the newly incarcerated mentally adjust to the realities of an intimidating and controlling prison system where 'freedom' is just a word about the outside world. The book is also especially helpful to families and loved ones who want to know what they can do to be more supportive of their son, daughter, or friend.

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