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Military Spouse's Employment Pocket Guide (Set of 100)

Military Spouse's Employment Pocket Guide (Set of 100)

Impact Publications
  • Date:: 2019
  • Author:: Ron Krannich, Ph.D.
  • ISBN:: 978-1-57023-303-6
Product Code: 23570PG


Many military spouses are eager to find interesting jobs or pursue portable careers -- either part-time or full-time – that contribute to both their family income and personal growth. They also prefer work that gives them flexibility to manage family affairs and function well within a military community that prizes happy, supportive, and financially stable families. Above all, many military spouses wish to obtain meaningful employment. This means finding jobs that ft their particular mix of interests, skills, abilities, and motivations -- their Motivated Abilities and Skills (MAS). But being employed is not easy given limited opportunities available to military spouses and the often restrictive nature of military life – frequent relocations, family/community obligations, remote locations, state laws affecting out-of-state residents, and the periodic deployments. Indeed, only a few fortunate military spouses are able to find or create their dream job. Jam-packed with essential job search information and tips, the second edition of this popular guide assists military spouses in quickly finding and keeping a job. Order packets of 25 or 100 and save!