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O*Net Career Values Inventory

OOP-O*Net Career Values Inventory

Kendall Hunt Publishing
  • Date:: 2012
  • ISBN:: 9781593579135
Product Code: 84036


The O*NET Career Values Inventory helps individuals match their work values to O*NET job titles. Consisting of just 36 items and taking less than 20 minutes to complete, the inventory scores into six work values identified most important by the Department of Labor: Achievement, Independence, Recognition, Relationships, Support, and Working Conditions. After individuals have identified their most important work values, the inventory helps them connect their results to careers organized by both values and preparation required (using the DOL’s five “job zones”). In-depth suggestions for further research and a job information worksheet help individuals explore those careers. The inventory is self-scoring and self-interpreting and is based on research by the DOL. The inventory is a much simpler adaptation of the DOL’s O*NET Work Importance Locator, so administration time is greatly reduced. For this edition, all job titles have been extensively updated to match the latest O*NET taxonomy. In addition, the instructions have been reviewed and updated to be more values-related. Package of 25.