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Overcoming Employment Barriers

Overcoming Employment Barriers

Impact Publications
  • Date:: 2016
  • Author:: Ron Krannich, Ph.D
  • ISBN:: 978-1-57023-387-6
Product Code: 26571


Millions of individuals face employment barriers. While a few barriers may be caused by other people (discrimination) or beyond one’s control (health), most barriers are self-inflicted due to poor choices and mistakes (job hopping, incarceration, limited education, no experience). What do successful job seekers with barriers do that separates them from their less successful counterparts? This no-nonsense book catalogs 127 employment barriers that prevent individuals from finding good jobs. Beginning with an 85-item self-assessment test to determine one’s “Employment Barriers I.Q,.” the book analyzes each barrier and then offers sound advice on how to overcome it. Organized by different types of barriers, the book includes: 12 barriers related to skills and work history. 27 barriers related to attitudes and behaviors. 8 barriers related to health, wellness, and disabilities. 80 barriers related to job search knowledge and skills. The lessons here are very clear and encouraging for all job seekers: few barriers are ever insurmountable.