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Quick Job Interview Guide - 10 Packs
Quick Job Interview Guide - 10 Packs

Our Price: $585.00
Date: 2015
Author: Michael Farr
ISBN: 9781593579838

Product Code: 89136

The interview is the most important 60 minutes in the job search. That makes this new workbook the most important 64 pages for you to read before your next interview. Based on Next Day Job Interview, Quick Job Interview Guide briefly presents Mike Farr's revolutionary and proven interview advice in seven quick and easy steps: Step 1: Learn the Basics and Make a Positive Impression; Step 2: Know Who You Are and What You Can Do; Step 3: Do Your Homework and Come Prepared; Step 4: Answer Key Interview Questions with Ease; Step 5: Handle Tough Interview Situations with Confidence; Step 6: Follow Up; Step 7: Negotiate Your Way to a Fair Salary. Covering everything from your opening greeting to your call-back closing, Quick Job Interview Guide provides the essentials of effective interviewing with an easy-to-read, no-nonsense approach. The writing is interesting; the data, current; the advice, practical—in just 64 pages. Package of 10.

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