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Re-Employment Success Inventory

NA-Re-Employment Success Inventory

Kendall Hunt Publishing
  • Date:: 2016
  • ISBN:: 978-1-63332-060-4
Product Code: 99628


Dealing with job loss is difficult, and each of your client’s reactions to unemployment is unique.

The Re-Employment Success Inventory, your clients can identify how they are effectively coping with unemployment and how they are not. They will also develop skills and strategies for quickly re-entering the workforce.

Your clients can complete the RESI in 20 minutes or less!

  • Step one: Respond to 50 statements
  • Step two: Score responses.
  • Step three: Profile scores in five unemployment coping categories.
  • Step four: Reflect on ways to more effectively deal with unemployment.
  • Step five: Create a re-employment success plan.

Topics covered:

The RESI addresses five major stress-related areas of unemployment.

  • Stress management:
Effectiveness in managing stress and the symptoms that accompany stress
  • Money management:
Effectiveness in dealing with spending, saving, and managing finances while unemployed
  • Social support:
Effectiveness in developing a system of people and resources for support in the transition from unemployment to employment
  • Job search:
Effectiveness in developing a job search plan that utilizes a variety of strategies and resources
  • Career plan:
Effectiveness in rethinking your career development, having a comprehensive career plan, and setting short- and long-term career goals