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STEM: Advanced Manufacturing and Applied Engineering Technology - DVD

STEM: Advanced Manufacturing and Applied Engineering Technology - DVD

Films Media Group
  • Additional Info:: Closed Captioned
  • Date:: 2012
  • ISBN:: 9781621029922
Product Code: 23309DVD


Lasers, robotics, computerized design and drafting — are we talking about what goes on at NASA? A particle physics lab? The kind of place that requires a Ph.D. on your resume? No, this is what students can expect to get involved in after only two years of training for a career in advanced manufacturing or applied engineering technology. Tony Girafalco, executive vice-president of the Delaware Valley Industrial Resource Center in Pennsylvania, describes the opportunities a job seeker can look forward to and how to take advantage of them. Viewers will also draw inspiration from three in-the-field success stories. Alan is an advanced machinist and programmer for The Rodon Group after becoming a certified tool and die maker. Anthony, a 3D CAD draftsperson for Southco, earned an associates degree in mechanical engineering technology. And Ian, after earning his associates degree, became an electronics engineering technician at Nielson Kellerman. 20 minutes.