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The Complete Upgrade Your Communication Skills at Work Series


In today’s tough economic times, being a good communicator can make all the difference between getting promoted and getting laid off, between getting hired and getting fired. Now, with Upgrade Your Communication Skills at Work series, you can learn the little-known secrets that set the best apart from the rest!

A great resource for workers at all levels — from the very bottom to the very top, regardless of their industry, work experience, or job description — these user-friendly DVDs can help you turn every professional interaction into an opportunity to shine!

These engaging DVDs are the ultimate resource for anyone who wants to make a good impression and gain an edge on the competition, including:

the unemployed and other job seekers
people trying to get a promotion
individuals considering a job or career change
those starting in new positions
entry-level workers hoping to advance
interns who’d like to impress and/or get hired
students and recent graduates preparing for their first jobs
people reentering the workforce after some hiatus
entrepreneurs and small business owners
new managers/supervisors
...and everyone else!

We’ll teach you powerful strategies and easy-to-use techniques that will help you communicate more effectively with your coworkers, managers, customers, suppliers, and other business contacts. You’ll learn fundamental principles that will help you demonstrate your value, polish your image, and impress your boss — so you stand out from the crowd and get ahead in your career.

With these unique programs, you’ll master the tricks of:

being a better communicator and listener
keeping meetings interesting and productive
delivering presentations that captivate and impress
networking effectively with colleagues and associates
making the most of phone calls and voicemail
using email efficiently and appropriately
writing exceptional business letters
crafting memorable ads and brochures that increase sales
helping to develop and improve a company website or blog
demonstrating professionalism in every business situation
...and much, much more!

So whether you want to keep your job or get a new one, whether your company has 3 employees or 3,000, this program can help you climb the ladder to success! 10 DVDs - 12 hrs. 22 mins. total