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Knock 'em Dead Social Networking: For Job Search and Professional Success

Knock 'em Dead Social Networking: For Job Search and Professional Success

Simon & Schuster
  • Date:: 2014
  • Author:: Martin Yate
  • ISBN:: 9781440569715
Product Code: 29145


Networking is one of the most important and valuable job-search skills, but most people don’t know how to do it correctly - their networks are either too broad or too constricted, and they are shy about using them effectively. Today, networks encompass not only traditional word-of-mouth contacts, but also the vast array of social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+. In Knock ‘em Dead Social Networking by Martin Yate, utilize step-by-step instructions to create personal and professional networks through social media. Learn how to build enduring networks, and how to use them to gather more information about companies, notices of hiring, and names of key officials. The utility of social networks extends beyond merely the job offer to a wide range of career management issues. With effective creation and use of networks, you can demonstrate transferable skills and professional values to a constantly growing circle of peers and supervisors, which will ultimately ensure your rapid progress up the corporate ladder to success. In Knock ‘em Dead Social Networking you’ll find: Expert advice on effectively building & using networks through social media; Ways of using social media to break into the corporate realm & get job opportunities & more.