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Quick Job Finding Pocket Guide

Quick Job Finding Pocket Guide

Impact Publications
  • Date:: 2021
  • Author:: Ronald L. Krannich, Ph.D., and Trudy S. Woodring
  • ISBN:: 978-1-57023-407-1
Product Code: 29575PG


Finding a job in today’s upside-down COVID-19 pandemic economy is really tough, even for well educated, skilled, and experienced workers. Indeed, as local economies shed millions of jobs, employers shut down and/or go out of business, and unemployment reaches new and unprecedented heights (40+%), many individuals need to quickly find jobs that will support them and their loved ones. While these may not be the greatest jobs in the world, such jobs at least help pay the bills and some may come with modest benefits, such as health insurance. Many are basically “lifeboat jobs” to help keep individuals and families afloat during brutal economic times. But in some cases, such jobs may have a silver lining — lead to some exciting new career opportunities. including innovative business start ups.

Updated with insights on coping with today’s unemployment and career uncertainty, the latest edition of this popular book is the perfect action guide for navigating a challenging job market. Designed for anyone seeking employment — from those experiencing job loss, hopeful new graduates, and individuals re-entering the workforce to anyone looking for a second job or starting a business — this user-friendly guide is filled with essential employment information organized around an effective 10-step job search process. It helps readers quickly:

  • check their attitudes
  • assess their motivated abilities and skills (MAS)
  • state an objective
  • complete job applications and write resumes
  • network for information, advice, and referrals
  • use the Internet effectively
  • attend job fairs
  • conduct effective job interviews
  • close and follow up
  • negotiate salary and benefits
  • accept job offers

Special sections focus on how to:

  • handle red flag issues
  • find a federal government job
  • survive and thrive on the job
  • start a business
  • document education and work history
  • Jam-packed with engaging self-tests, checklists, exercises, examples, tips, fill-in-the-blank documents, and recommended resources, this popular interactive give-away can help anyone seeking employment. Literally designed as a handy 3¾” x 4¾” pocket guide (fits into shirt or pants pockets or handbags), it’s a 24/7 personal reference and action companion. Once finished, users will be in a much better position to land a rewarding job or start a business. Best of all, they will acquire important attitudes, skills, and motivations to continue finding or creating jobs for the rest of their lives! Order in Packs of 25 or 100!