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In Your Hands: Life after Prison DVD (CC)

In Your Hands: Life after Prison DVD (CC)

Films Media Group
  • Additional Info:: Closed Captioned
  • Date:: 2011
  • ISBN:: 9781622907205
Product Code: 29865DVD


For ex-convicts, the road back into society is paved with good intentions. But a freed prisoner’s plans for the future can quickly go awry, and the local support system, if one exists, may be just as ineffectual. Do public services provide what a former inmate needs? Is the “system” a safety net or a trap, every bit as confining as prison? This film documents two case studies in which the end of incarceration means not only a fresh start but also a new phase of hardship, hard luck, and hard-won dignity. Jailed since her mid-20s and emerging with nothing but the clothes on her back, Kim is soon spending her nights on a park bench. Will she fare better or worse than Xavier, who has served 13 years for murder? Where does a young man with that kind of record find a decent job? By the end of the program viewers will be able to reach their own conclusions about the hidden and human costs of maintaining a “safe” society. Issues of race, poverty, and substance abuse are discussed. Contains profanity and mature subject matter. (59 minutes)