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Becoming a Crime Scene Investigator

Becoming a Crime Scene Investigator

Simon & Schuster
  • Date:: 2024
  • Author:: Jacqueline Detwiler-George
  • ISBN:: 9781668049716
Product Code: 39034


A revealing guide to a career as a crime scene investigator written by acclaimed journalist Jacqueline Detwiler-George and based on the real-life experiences of the CSI team at the Baltimore police department—required reading for anyone considering a path to this profession.

Becoming a Crime Scene Investigator takes you behind the scenes to find out what it’s really like, and what it really takes, to become a crime scene investigator. Acclaimed journalist Jacqueline Detwiler-George shadows the crime scene investigators of the Baltimore Police Department to show how this job becomes a reality. Forensic science is an essential component of any criminal investigation. CSI evidence can tip the scales of justice during trials, helping to free the innocent and convict the guilty. Discover what it’s like to process a crime scene by collecting evidence, documenting via photos, dusting for fingerprints, and analyzing blood spatter. Confront the gruesome realities of the job, tour their in-house crime labs, and watch as they process results. Gain wisdom and insight from the director of the forensic laboratory and the chief of the forensic division—and learn how this essential job is performed at the highest level.