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OCD Workbook for Teens

OCD Workbook for Teens

Simon & Schuster
  • Date:: 2022
  • Author:: Anthony Bishop
  • ISBN:: 9781638070641
Product Code: 39229


Give teens the tools to take control of their OCD

Living with obsessive-compulsive disorder can feel overwhelming and confusing, especially for teens. It's tough for teens to manage the intrusive thoughts and behaviors that can disrupt their day, but The OCD Workbook for Teens can help. They'll learn about what OCD really is, then find simple exercises and affirmations to help them manage their symptoms and feel more productive and happy every day.
  • Based in mindfulness and CBT—Explore how cognitive behavioral therapy and mindful habits can treat OCD by helping teens differentiate compulsive and non-compulsive behaviors.
  • Stories and case studies—Teens will find reassurance as they read about other teens with OCD and how they regained control of their lives with help from these strategies and exercises.
  • Designed for teens—This book shows teens how to handle OCD in the face of modern-day teen stressors like school, social media, and thoughts of the future.

Help teens with OCD understand themselves, find their confidence, and thrive.