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Career Playbook

Career Playbook

Penguin Random House LLC
  • Date:: 2015
  • Author:: JAMES M. CITRIN
  • ISBN:: 9780553446968
Product Code: 89614


The career marketplace for young people has never been more competitive, chaotic, and difficult to maneuver. On top of that, graduates are looking not only for good jobs but for positions that will help them launch careers in which they can grow and flourish. But knowing what to look for is hard to see when you're confronting the reality of getting an interview, searching for the right kind of job, and worrying about salary and potential advancement. In The Career Playbook, James Citrin brings decades of experience as a senior partner at the premier executive search firm Spencer Stuart to bear on these questions, offering graduates and recent professionals trustworthy and actionable advice for thriving in the workplace. Packed with advice and stories from employees and executives working their way up the career ladder, as well as trenchant insights from some of the most prominent CEOs in business, The Career Playbook is an essential resource for launching your dream job, in 2015 and beyond.