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Ex-Offender / Re-Entry Best-Sellers

The Ex-Offender / Re-Entry Solutions Center

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, over two thirds of released prisoners will be re-arrested within three years. Ex-offenders need direction, support, and the resources to successfully transition back into life and the world of work.

CareerBookstore.com can help ex-offenders with a large selection of specialty books, employment guides, assessments and educational DVDs to overcome barriers to employment. Check out our best-selling ex-offender resources listed below. Order today!

Ex-Offender / Re-Entry Collections, Bundles & Kits - NEW!

Ex-Offender / Re-Entry TOP 10 Book Collection
Ex-Offender / Re-Entry Career Success Bundle
Ex-Offender Re-Entry Complete Resource Center Kit


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Booklets / Workbooks

Quick Job Search for Ex-Offenders


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DVD Series

The Road to ReentryNEW!
Countdown to Freedom for Men
Countdown to Freedom for Women
Expert Job Search Strategies for the Ex-Offender
From Parole to Payroll
Going Home - Teens Reentering Society
Starting Fresh

Pocket Guides

The Re-Entry Employment and Life Skills Pocket Guide
Re-Entry Start-Up Pocket Guide: Mapping Your Way Through the Free World Maze
Anger Management Pocket Guide


Barriers to Employment Success Inventory
Employability Skills Inventory
Work Readiness Inventory

The Ex-Offender / Re-Entry Solutions Center showcases best-selling career, employment and education resources from CareerBookstore.com.

Ex-Offender Re-Entry Services

The Virtual Career Library is a valuable resource to support re-entry programs for ex-offenders. Learn how the Virtual Career Library can help ex-offenders successfully transition to work and life success!

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